Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny review

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Once again I was caught by some very adorable packaging!
I don't own any bunny themed products yet and I really love bunnies.
They are high on my list together with kittens and bats.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

I was filling my cart with some products on Testerkorea and this polish was as cheap as it was adorable, so in it went.
This also happened a few days after I tried the Etude House Ice cream polish (reviewed here) which performed outstandingly.
So, I basically told myself it was absolutely necessary to try this set, to test Etude House polish quality.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

How did they do?
Well actually!
If you have ever used white nail polish you might know it is hard to use.
Most of the ones available are for french manicure only (as is this), and the polish is thicker than usual.
They usually apply streaky, blotchy and just look more trashy than mod on the nails.
This polish is on the thicker side but applies very decent when 2 layers are used.
It comes with a thin brush, but I used a regular sized one to apply it to my whole nails.
It dries relatively fast, while still giving you enough time to apply it properly.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

The tiny bunnies are very adorable! 
The are also black and golden dots that come with it to give it a little bit of a variety.
After applying the second layer of polish I gently pressed the dots and bunnies on my nails.
They sank in a little but stayed put.
Since they stand out a tiny bit, since I didn't press them into the polish completely, I added 2 layers of top coat so the nail would feel completely flat.
My nails are very curved though, like witches claws, so I could only add the bunnies to my thumbs.
If you have flatter nails you should have no issues adding them to any nail.
The dots lasted the whole time I was wearing the polish, which was around 8 days.
One of the bunnies ears got caught in my clothes and lifted itself from the nail after 4 days.
Since the plastic bent I simply snipped it off and rocked a one eared bunny instead.
They lasted 9 days as well but after day 5 the tips started chipping of a little.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny
One eared bunny to the right
Considering how much I do with my nails and that I am not careful at all, the survival time of the polish was very good.
It is easy to apply and looks good for a long time.

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I am very pleased with the quality of this and it definitely rivals any good drugstore polish.
If you like nail art or cute nail products this is definitely something to try out.

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