Sweetshop scentbox revealed and reviewed

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To be honest I didn’t think this was going to be a good box when I bought it.
Why did I get it anyway?
I probably hated my gut that day and didn’t want to listen to it.
Well that is only partly true, I am a sucker for candy, baked goods and sweet smells, so I got sucked into the deep dark hole of Sweet Shop themed anything!
Also the box was really cheap, especially with the Memepoints I had laying around.

Instagram, unfortunately spoiled this box for me.
I really hate knowing what I get in a Memebox so I don’t read any Blog posts of unboxings if I have a particular box coming up.
Apparently Instagram is not a safe place though, and I foolishly didn’t notice.

memebox Sweetshop scentbox
My Memebox impersonating Batman
Not only was I less excited about this box because of the initial gut feeling, but also the unboxings of previous scent boxes, which were less than exciting and the Instagram spoil.
On top of that when I opened the box no whiff of delicious smellyness came floating towards me like the milk box and no explosion of cute and pastelly colors blinded my eyes.
I have to say I was disappointed!
memebox Sweetshop scentbox
Where is the explosion?
 So do I like this box or not?

Well, if you have ever gotten a Memebox you might know that there is this mysterious phenomenon called “unexciting-but-still-somehow-awesome-box”.
It is not a widely know or documented occurrence but it happens.
It basically means that you get a box which on the surface feels and looks underwhelming and boring but turns out to be better than expected.

memebox Sweetshop scentbox

In this case I had to try some of the products before noticing.

I don’t really have any body or hair products.
Ok I lie, I have tons of hair products!
Just not very good ones, so I am always looking for something that I can smear on my hair and be impressed.
Having waist length hair also means that I use a lot of products and am constantly running low on hair supplies.
The thing is, since I don’t know any great hair products, buying them is utterly unexciting and I can never be bothered.

My hair can never be too big or too long!
So this box contains one shampoo and a body scrub.
As described above, these are very boring products to me and nothing to get my heart pumping.
The first smelling test didn’t go well either since none of them smell like desserts to me.

Until I took a shower.

The shampoo was first, it smells like childhood!
This fake plastic berry scent that used to be popular in Venezuela when I was a kid but I haven’t really smelled for years, is quite pleasant to my nostrils.
Besides that, the shampoo cleans well, lathers like no other and is super light weight on my hair.
That sounds pretty good to me.

berry shampoo
When I first smelled the body scrub I didn’t really know what to think about the smell.
It is sort of sweet but in a very perfumey way, and I don’t like strong smells at all.
In the shower it wasn’t strong though.
It is also a sugary scrub that isn’t too big and in my opinion has perfectly sized granules for a body scrub. It is also suspended in oily creaminess instead of soap which makes it feel like you are in a spa and hydrates your skin into a super soft surface.
That sounds pretty good to me as well!

After doing a "40 hours without skincare" experiment I decided to try one of the Choosy masks as part of getting my skin back to its regular shape.
Well it was an experience!
The mask did indeed smell like candy and was incredibly weird to use.
If you know me a little, you might already guess that weird equals good in my book!
Do they work?
Yes they do!
But I will review all of my Choosy lipmasks in detail.


I have not played with the Hope Girl Balm tint yet but it does indeed smell sweet and fruity.
This concludes my little anecdotal stream of thought about the products I have tried from this box.

So all in all, even though I was quite reluctant to like this box, I enjoyed 90% of the products contained already.
They are all good quality and useful products I don’t own yet or need.

I guess it is just like getting really warm socks as a gift. You might not get excited in the moment but you will love them every second of wearing time during the winter!

Here are some coupon codes for you.
Yes I know I am an enabler, but what can I do? I love surprise cosmetic boxes!!!