Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review

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Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner (2g)
100% new retail and high quality.
Perfect to create charming and sexy eye looks.
Meticulous brush head copy you to draw much easier than control
Easy to use,suitable for professional use and home use.

I am a huge fan of black eyeliner.
Always have been, but back in the day I never used them at all.
I just stuck to pencils.
Instead I decided to forgo the super slick look a black liquid eyeliner gave you in exchange of the smudgier and easier to use pencil counterpart.
There was really only one reason for that: Old school liquid liners are a pain to use!

I love vintage cosmetics, but if Mascara would still look like that I would not use it either!
I have a very steady hand thanks to years of drawing practice and art school, but still trying to make a nice straight line with those flimsy thin brushes is not something I considered easy or fun.
And don’t get me started on the formulas that flake or smudge after just looking at it the wrong way!
So as always, I decided to be comfy and practical instead of rocking a style I preferred.

It is 2014 and thank goodness the liquid eyeliner game has changed significantly in the past 20 years!
Behold the pen liner!

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review
Just look at that beautiful tip!
I know, I know, it isn’t really fresh news.
So what, I want to hail this wondrous piece of technology a few years late.
It is not like I am ever on time at the game anyway.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review
So adorable!
If you are one of those people that lives under a rock like me, or in a cave (I don’t judge!), and you haven’t tried a pen liner yet, I highly recommend it!
It makes using eyeliners a breeze and they even come in a large variation of colors.

Black, Grey, and Purple. I couldn't find my brown or Turquoise liner
A little while ago I decided to pick this adorable cat shaped pen liner up from Bornpretty store, and it has become my go to eyeliner since!
It is super black and incredibly easy to use.
The tip is quite hard so it is easy to draw a thin line.
It is flexible enough to make a thicker line when pushed down a little as well, though.
The color flows smoothly and freely and there is no tugging or overflow at all.
The product is water and smudge proof, if you let it dry first, if you rub over it before it is dry it will smudge.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner swatch
Freshly applied, smudged when still moist, water poured over it after dried
It doesn’t smudge or fade on the eyes at all, at least not on my non oily lids.
I have worn it an entire day while it stayed fresh at the end like just applied.
Most importantly it doesn’t flake either!
I even gave up using black eyeliner for a few years since I couldn’t find an affordable brush liner that doesn’t flake.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review

This liner is a great cheap quality product that performs its job perfectly.
Now they just need to make a lot more colors so I can get one in all the shades of the rainbow and form a bad ass kitty posse of awesome!

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