The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Lipstick in #6 review

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The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Lipstick
8 hours with moisturizing effect,at the same time with super modified lip color effect, show colour preferred.
It is your best choice for charming Lips . Gentle formula, powdered texture, rich coconut oil formula moisturizing dry lips, give you eight hours moisturizing effect and it is not easily fade. Coated with instant comfort, the micropowder texture instantly into a delicate, velvet-like film.

I really love the stripes!

When I was browner I used to be really into warm tones and colors.
Orange, Gold and Coral were shades that I wore often.  Since I got so pale my skin tone is much more jaundice than golden brown and using anything on my skin that goes towards orange looks quite sickly and odd.
And not the good kind!
When Bornprettystore sent me this lipstick I was a little skeptical, I already looked completely weird when my hair turned brassy (a problem I never had before), how could I pull off an orange lipstick then?
But as always I have faith that one can pull of anything if combined right.

I was quite excited to try this lipstick since I had such good experiences with the last one.
This one is completely different though, it is a very balmy and smooth lipstick that is natural and moisturizing.
The packaging is gorgeous and of good quality.
It feels heavy and sturdy and seems to be made entirely out of metal.

The lipstick has no scent at all.
It applies buttery and super soft. It is indeed like a pigmented lip balm, to be honest I was surprised how pigmented it was.
One swipe leaves a hint of color with some shine, two swipes make for a bright orange lipstick.

The color is more subtle when applied to my darker lips
I preferred to wear this in a more natural way.
The reason for this is that there is a lot of white pigment in this shade which looks odd with my skin tone.
If you are lighter or darker skinned than me, the full color will look gorgeous though.
It feels very comfortable and lightweight to wear and lasts about as long as a balm or creamy lipstick does.
It doesn’t dry my lips out at all and looked very decent for about 3 hours, then it started fading evenly.
It is a little to creamy to be worn full color without a lip liner, and usually the lip liner makes wear time much longer.
As a wash of color or gradient lip no liner is needed.

No lipstick, dabbed on and swiped on thickly
I quite like this lipstick, it feels great and wears well.
The kind of lipstick you don’t even need a mirror to apply.
I would definitely like to try more shades of these, which is very extensive as well.

In the end I pulled out some of my old make up and simply applied it like I used to a few years ago.
I have to say I was quite pleased with the result.
I put on some Bossanova and danced throughout the whole shoot.
That was good fun!
Thanks Bornpretty for a needed dance session and another wonderful product!

Etude House Magic Cushion in Mint, Dior Eyeshadow, Maybelline Mascara, Hot shop Lipstick on lips and cheeks

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 And an obligatory dancing picture of course!

It looks super posy but I dance a little dorky like that :)

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