My Cute Wishlist 2 revealed and reviewed

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I was so sad when the Cute Wishlist 1 was sold out!
I am completely obsessed with cute packaging and products, and have been buying them as long as I can remember.
When Memebox announced that they will release more Cute styled boxes I was incredibly excited and when My Cute Wishlist 2 was released I bought it faster than I could blink!
The only problem was this, the box was sent out and I knew that many people would get this box faster than me and unbox it online.
There was no way I wanted to be spoiled for this just like I was with the Sweet Shop box.

Not this time!
So there was really only one thing to do, stop being online.
Which I did.
I haven’t been on social media for about 2 weeks now.
I regret nothing!
I almost avoided being spoiled until Memebox sent me an email asking me how I like my Sally's box lip patch.
Thanks Memebox for wondering if I like your products, but please wait at least two weeks for me to actually receive it!
The spoiler wasn't too bad though since I really wanted to try a Sally's box product and it was just one item anyway.

The small box made me nervous
When I opened the box I noticed the delicious smell of grapes slowly wafting towards me, that made me incredibly excited.
The second thing I noticed was a Sally's box pamphlet with a very pretty design and made me curious to which Sally's box item was included.
As you see I have a terrible memory and already forgot about the Memebox email.

So many pretties!
Next I noticed the Magic dessert cream cleanser.
I really wanted to try this product since I saw it in a previous unboxing on Unfade what Fades, so I am very excited that it was included.
It smells incredibly good and it was the reason why the box smelled of grapes.
I got the berry flavored one in my box which is great since Johnny loves berries.
When I showed it to him he completely freaked out and demanded to stick his finger into the jar immediately.
I don't really know why since I told him it is not edible.
After sending him off to wash his hands I let him touch the cream that was stuck to the lid.
He squealed when he did so, saying it feels very weird in a good way, just like mousse.
It is very creamy and light and smells very edible.
When mixed with water it becomes even more creamy, not really foamy but kind of.
It is quite difficult to describe.
When washed off, the skin felt very soft and hydrated and didn’t smell of berries at all.

My attention was quickly caught by an minimalistic sleek yet attractive little piggy.
I was very happy to see that the jar inside had the same design.
It is a collagen sleeping pack (huzzah for sleeping packs!) that has the strangest wiggliest texture.

So wiggly!
It smells just like Sprite and is very fun to use.
When applied, the product practically melts onto your skin and feels very moist and fresh.
It looks like it might have some major hydrating powers, which I can't wait to test.
The first ingredient is hydrolyzed collagen which I believe is supposed to be very hydrating.

After playing around with the piggy mask, I looked which blush shade I received in this box.
It wasn't the lavender shade unfortunately, since that exact one has been on my to buy list for over a year.
Maybe that is good though, since I already own 2 lavender blushes.
The packaging is super cute of course, but I don't know how the blusher performs since I haven't used it yet.

There is also a very pretty looking hand cream in this box.
It is in a tube which makes me quite happy since I really dislike hand creams in jars.
Besides being pretty it also feels good.
It is a standard light Korean type hand cream that is neither rich nor watery.
It doesn't leave a film on my hands which is very important to me.
The cream actually feels similar to the hand cream I received in my Oriental medicine box, which has been my hand cream of choice since.
I can't really figure out the smell yet, it smells like Lolita Lempicka and also latex gloves.
I smelled it four times when freshly applied and got both of the smells each time.
First I thought, ahh Lolita Lempicka, then latex gloves...
After four sniffs the smell was completely gone.
I will report back what the deal is with this mysterious cream but so far it hasn't been unpleasant in the least.
Even if it might sound so.

Lastly there was a very boring looking lip balm pot.

I was quite underwhelmed when I saw it in the box.
I mean the packaging isn't cute so why is it in here?
Well, when opened there was a cute swirl design with 2 different shades of green, since I received it in lime.
Following the theme of the other items this gloss smells incredibly good!
Like really really good!
When I opened it I couldn't stop sniffing the jar, and a lot of wonderful childhood feelings started rushing into my brains.
I can't really spot the smell, I guess a mix of the kind of lime candy that doesn't actually smell like lime and grape candy.
Either way, it is candy and it is delectable.

He was probably wearing this lip balm!
When I stuck my finger in the pot I was a taken aback by the texture, it was melty and smooth, the kind of soft you can't actually feel.
I put it on my lips and it felt incredibly nice.
It was very buttery but even better than actual butter (yes I  have put butter on my lips on one desperate balm free day).
The balm smells and feels amazing on the lips and gives a subtle and pretty hint of shine without any color.
This became my on the go lip balm immediately!
Johnny promptly kiss approved it as well, which can be very important if you are addicted to balms.

All in all I am very happy with this box.
I am even a little sad that I didn't buy the Cute Wishlist 3, but mostly happy since I have super fun products to play around with now.
Pretty and exciting with a touch of weird, that is how all my cosmetics should be and now I have a few more for my collection!