My Cute Wishlist 2 revealed and reviewed

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I was so sad when the Cute Wishlist 1 was sold out!
I am completely obsessed with cute packaging and products, and have been buying them as long as I can remember.
When Memebox announced that they will release more Cute styled boxes I was incredibly excited and when My Cute Wishlist 2 was released I bought it faster than I could blink!
The only problem was this, the box was sent out and I knew that many people would get this box faster than me and unbox it online.
There was no way I wanted to be spoiled for this just like I was with the Sweet Shop box.

Not this time!
So there was really only one thing to do, stop being online.
Which I did.
I haven’t been on social media for about 2 weeks now.
I regret nothing!
I almost avoided being spoiled until Memebox sent me an email asking me how I like my Sally's box lip patch.
Thanks Memebox for wondering if I like your products, but please wait at least two weeks for me to actually receive it!
The spoiler wasn't too bad though since I really wanted to try a Sally's box product and it was just one item anyway.

The small box made me nervous
When I opened the box I noticed the delicious smell of grapes slowly wafting towards me, that made me incredibly excited.
The second thing I noticed was a Sally's box pamphlet with a very pretty design and made me curious to which Sally's box item was included.
As you see I have a terrible memory and already forgot about the Memebox email.

So many pretties!
Next I noticed the Magic dessert cream cleanser.
I really wanted to try this product since I saw it in a previous unboxing on Unfade what Fades, so I am very excited that it was included.
It smells incredibly good and it was the reason why the box smelled of grapes.
I got the berry flavored one in my box which is great since Johnny loves berries.
When I showed it to him he completely freaked out and demanded to stick his finger into the jar immediately.
I don't really know why since I told him it is not edible.
After sending him off to wash his hands I let him touch the cream that was stuck to the lid.
He squealed when he did so, saying it feels very weird in a good way, just like mousse.
It is very creamy and light and smells very edible.
When mixed with water it becomes even more creamy, not really foamy but kind of.
It is quite difficult to describe.
When washed off, the skin felt very soft and hydrated and didn’t smell of berries at all.

My attention was quickly caught by an minimalistic sleek yet attractive little piggy.
I was very happy to see that the jar inside had the same design.
It is a collagen sleeping pack (huzzah for sleeping packs!) that has the strangest wiggliest texture.

So wiggly!
It smells just like Sprite and is very fun to use.
When applied, the product practically melts onto your skin and feels very moist and fresh.
It looks like it might have some major hydrating powers, which I can't wait to test.
The first ingredient is hydrolyzed collagen which I believe is supposed to be very hydrating.

After playing around with the piggy mask, I looked which blush shade I received in this box.
It wasn't the lavender shade unfortunately, since that exact one has been on my to buy list for over a year.
Maybe that is good though, since I already own 2 lavender blushes.
The packaging is super cute of course, but I don't know how the blusher performs since I haven't used it yet.

There is also a very pretty looking hand cream in this box.
It is in a tube which makes me quite happy since I really dislike hand creams in jars.
Besides being pretty it also feels good.
It is a standard light Korean type hand cream that is neither rich nor watery.
It doesn't leave a film on my hands which is very important to me.
The cream actually feels similar to the hand cream I received in my Oriental medicine box, which has been my hand cream of choice since.
I can't really figure out the smell yet, it smells like Lolita Lempicka and also latex gloves.
I smelled it four times when freshly applied and got both of the smells each time.
First I thought, ahh Lolita Lempicka, then latex gloves...
After four sniffs the smell was completely gone.
I will report back what the deal is with this mysterious cream but so far it hasn't been unpleasant in the least.
Even if it might sound so.

Lastly there was a very boring looking lip balm pot.

I was quite underwhelmed when I saw it in the box.
I mean the packaging isn't cute so why is it in here?
Well, when opened there was a cute swirl design with 2 different shades of green, since I received it in lime.
Following the theme of the other items this gloss smells incredibly good!
Like really really good!
When I opened it I couldn't stop sniffing the jar, and a lot of wonderful childhood feelings started rushing into my brains.
I can't really spot the smell, I guess a mix of the kind of lime candy that doesn't actually smell like lime and grape candy.
Either way, it is candy and it is delectable.

He was probably wearing this lip balm!
When I stuck my finger in the pot I was a taken aback by the texture, it was melty and smooth, the kind of soft you can't actually feel.
I put it on my lips and it felt incredibly nice.
It was very buttery but even better than actual butter (yes I  have put butter on my lips on one desperate balm free day).
The balm smells and feels amazing on the lips and gives a subtle and pretty hint of shine without any color.
This became my on the go lip balm immediately!
Johnny promptly kiss approved it as well, which can be very important if you are addicted to balms.

All in all I am very happy with this box.
I am even a little sad that I didn't buy the Cute Wishlist 3, but mostly happy since I have super fun products to play around with now.
Pretty and exciting with a touch of weird, that is how all my cosmetics should be and now I have a few more for my collection!

Johnny Clyde reviews: CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta

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CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta (50ml)

Or as I like to call it, invisible-cleanser-that-may-or-may-not-do-anything-at-all.
So this cleanser is weird.
As it comes out of the tube it is clearly milky white. It clearly exists!
So I do the usual thing thing you do with cleanser that most definitely exist and I apply it to my face. This is where the magic (or false advertising) happens.
I feel nothing.
It doesn't foam up at all, it just kinda disappears.
Every time I use it I feel like an idiot because I just stand there unsure of everything.
How do I know it was ever real?
Is this water even real?
This bathroom? What is reality? I.....reality?

Milky white out of the tube and performing the disappearing act on the right
So if you want a nice disappearing cleanser that will make you question everything about your own existence and possibly some thoughts on the after life itself, try CNP!
Seriously though.
My wife tells me this stuff is good for you, like really good, I guess.
It really feels like nothing to me, I feel the same after as I did before, I feel like I may as well be washing my face with just water.

*Warning gross mental image coming up*
The consistency of CNP feels exactly like what I'd imagine slightly solidified sweat to feel like.
I don't know why, but that's the very first thing I thought of upon feeling it and it just kinda stuck.
Of course once applied it feels like absolutely nothing, as you now know.
It also smells like nothing.
I can't smell it at all.
If I was asleep and a monster ball of CNP came into my room to creepily watch me stir in the night, I wouldn't even know!
Absolutely undetectable, this stuff..

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
 Overall, I give it a zero because I don't even know if it's real.
I definitely prefer foam cleansers even if it's just because I'm a sucker for bubbles.

Mois thoughts:
I got this cleanser ages ago in a Luckybox but never used it since the cleanser we had before was massive and took forever to finish.
Unlike Johnny I quite like this cleanser.
It actually cleans your skin without being drying or messing with your skins PH.
It is very gentle which is important for me as well.
It promises to remove sunblock, BB cream and waterproof make up.
It cleanses everything well besides the waterproof make up.

It removes makeup just as well as Bioderma micellar water

I think this cleanser is great as a second step of  double cleansing routine or for someone who doesn't use make up.
Wondering why Johnny hated a cleanser I liked quite a bit I kept asking him where his hatred came from.
He kept saying that it felt like using nothing but that it wasn't actually a bad cleanser and that it did nothing negative to his skin.
If you don't mind using an invisible cleanser, I think CNP is definitely a good choice.
Especially for people who are watching the PH of their products or people with sensitive skin.

Ingredients: There is some here but I am not sure if it is the full list.

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Ibuybeauty 
Available on Ebay

The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Lipstick in #6 review

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The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Lipstick
8 hours with moisturizing effect,at the same time with super modified lip color effect, show colour preferred.
It is your best choice for charming Lips . Gentle formula, powdered texture, rich coconut oil formula moisturizing dry lips, give you eight hours moisturizing effect and it is not easily fade. Coated with instant comfort, the micropowder texture instantly into a delicate, velvet-like film.

I really love the stripes!

When I was browner I used to be really into warm tones and colors.
Orange, Gold and Coral were shades that I wore often.  Since I got so pale my skin tone is much more jaundice than golden brown and using anything on my skin that goes towards orange looks quite sickly and odd.
And not the good kind!
When Bornprettystore sent me this lipstick I was a little skeptical, I already looked completely weird when my hair turned brassy (a problem I never had before), how could I pull off an orange lipstick then?
But as always I have faith that one can pull of anything if combined right.

I was quite excited to try this lipstick since I had such good experiences with the last one.
This one is completely different though, it is a very balmy and smooth lipstick that is natural and moisturizing.
The packaging is gorgeous and of good quality.
It feels heavy and sturdy and seems to be made entirely out of metal.

The lipstick has no scent at all.
It applies buttery and super soft. It is indeed like a pigmented lip balm, to be honest I was surprised how pigmented it was.
One swipe leaves a hint of color with some shine, two swipes make for a bright orange lipstick.

The color is more subtle when applied to my darker lips
I preferred to wear this in a more natural way.
The reason for this is that there is a lot of white pigment in this shade which looks odd with my skin tone.
If you are lighter or darker skinned than me, the full color will look gorgeous though.
It feels very comfortable and lightweight to wear and lasts about as long as a balm or creamy lipstick does.
It doesn’t dry my lips out at all and looked very decent for about 3 hours, then it started fading evenly.
It is a little to creamy to be worn full color without a lip liner, and usually the lip liner makes wear time much longer.
As a wash of color or gradient lip no liner is needed.

No lipstick, dabbed on and swiped on thickly
I quite like this lipstick, it feels great and wears well.
The kind of lipstick you don’t even need a mirror to apply.
I would definitely like to try more shades of these, which is very extensive as well.

In the end I pulled out some of my old make up and simply applied it like I used to a few years ago.
I have to say I was quite pleased with the result.
I put on some Bossanova and danced throughout the whole shoot.
That was good fun!
Thanks Bornpretty for a needed dance session and another wonderful product!

Etude House Magic Cushion in Mint, Dior Eyeshadow, Maybelline Mascara, Hot shop Lipstick on lips and cheeks

 Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh 4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Bornprettystore
And here is a 10% off coupon code for you!

 And an obligatory dancing picture of course!

It looks super posy but I dance a little dorky like that :)

 Disclaimer: This product was send to me by Bornprettystore. This does not alter my opinions and I will continue to review with all honesty. I receive no compensation for the reviews. For more information read my Disclaimer page.

Woeful Windsdays

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Portrait of a couple seated on rocks in an outdoor setting; woman holding a straw hat. [ca. 1910-1920]
Because there is still some people who do not think they existed.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny review

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Once again I was caught by some very adorable packaging!
I don't own any bunny themed products yet and I really love bunnies.
They are high on my list together with kittens and bats.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

I was filling my cart with some products on Testerkorea and this polish was as cheap as it was adorable, so in it went.
This also happened a few days after I tried the Etude House Ice cream polish (reviewed here) which performed outstandingly.
So, I basically told myself it was absolutely necessary to try this set, to test Etude House polish quality.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

How did they do?
Well actually!
If you have ever used white nail polish you might know it is hard to use.
Most of the ones available are for french manicure only (as is this), and the polish is thicker than usual.
They usually apply streaky, blotchy and just look more trashy than mod on the nails.
This polish is on the thicker side but applies very decent when 2 layers are used.
It comes with a thin brush, but I used a regular sized one to apply it to my whole nails.
It dries relatively fast, while still giving you enough time to apply it properly.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny

The tiny bunnies are very adorable! 
The are also black and golden dots that come with it to give it a little bit of a variety.
After applying the second layer of polish I gently pressed the dots and bunnies on my nails.
They sank in a little but stayed put.
Since they stand out a tiny bit, since I didn't press them into the polish completely, I added 2 layers of top coat so the nail would feel completely flat.
My nails are very curved though, like witches claws, so I could only add the bunnies to my thumbs.
If you have flatter nails you should have no issues adding them to any nail.
The dots lasted the whole time I was wearing the polish, which was around 8 days.
One of the bunnies ears got caught in my clothes and lifted itself from the nail after 4 days.
Since the plastic bent I simply snipped it off and rocked a one eared bunny instead.
They lasted 9 days as well but after day 5 the tips started chipping of a little.

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails in #1 Dalmatian Bunny
One eared bunny to the right
Considering how much I do with my nails and that I am not careful at all, the survival time of the polish was very good.
It is easy to apply and looks good for a long time.

 Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh 4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
I am very pleased with the quality of this and it definitely rivals any good drugstore polish.
If you like nail art or cute nail products this is definitely something to try out.

Purchased at Testerkorea
Available on Ebay

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk review

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Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk (25g)
This gentle Choosy Lip Scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies – sugar, peach extracts, milk protein extracts, chamomile extracts, bees wax – for removing dead skin cells, deeply nourishing, and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips.
Removes dead skin cells, nourishes lips, and moisturizes dry lips.
Gently roll the lip scrub on your dry lips. After massaging, remove the dead skin cells off with a warm towel or tissue.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk
Can also be used on Nipples!
I am not huge on lip scrubs.
I mean, what can they do that is better than a toothbrush or a little bit of sugar and honey?
Besides that, I really can’t be bothered to scrub my lips ever, really.

Sometimes there are simply these types of products that are so meh for me.
I just don’t get excited about them at all.
Just like toners, me and toners are on very meh terms. The only difference is that I always use toners.
Then one day I got a lip scrub in a Memebox.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk

A chamomile flavored one out of all the options.
I hate chamomile!
I have bad childhood memories with chamomile.
I always had a lot of belly issues when I was little and lovely Mother thought chamomile would help.
It didn’t, and drinking excessive amounts just made me hate it.
But I don’t judge and decided to ignore my feelings towards lip scrubs and chamomile and treat this little pot of scrubbyness like it was something new and exciting.
Indeed it was!

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk

Thank goodness it smells nothing like chamomile!
It smells sweet and a tiny bit herbal, but in a flowery way.
It is strong in the tub but faint when used.
It tastes like beeswax, but unless you lick your lips you won’t notice.

The texture is incredibly unique and surpasses homemade scrubs by far.
It is actually better than 99% of lip scrubs I have used before.
The closest comparison that comes to mind is Yves Saint Laurents Exfoliating lip scrub, the only lip scrub I used regularly when working as a Skincare consultant.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk
After wiped off half of my hand is clearly moisturized and smooth
When I opened the jar I rubbed around on the surface and only got balm.
The balm is glorious though!
It is thick and waxy but in a very non sticky way that sinks into the lips but leaves enough on the surface to feel protective.
If they would sell this as a stand alone product I would buy it in a heart beat!
If you dig a tiny bit deeper you get to the scrub particles.
I feel like a spatula would be really helpful to get it out of the jar.
Alternatively, you can just stir the contents to bring the granules to the surface.
I didn’t do that since I like the balm part to be intact to use it alone on occasions.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip scrub in Chamomile Milk
Smooth and Balmy
I scoop up a tiny bit of the sugar scrub, rub it around on my lips and either wash it off with water or wipe it off with a tissue.
Usually the lips have enough of a balm residue to leave it at that, but sometimes, when my lips are really dry, I add a little bit of extra balm on top.
It does indeed exfoliate very well, and leaves your lips supple and moisturized thanks to the balm.
The balm part is the secret, the same reason I liked the Yves Saint Laurent scrub.
Instead of only exfoliating your lips and leaving them soft but dry it acts like a lip balm as well.
A fantastic one at that. (Did I say that already? Well, it is that good!)
This stuff is great and I have it sitting next to my toothbrushes so I don’t forget to use it regularly. The good thing is that a jar will last you for a very long time since the sugar is so tightly packed, only very little scrub is needed for one application.

Ingredients: I can't read them on the package and couldn't find them online.

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
I only give this 5 out of 6 since I still am pretty partial about lip scrubs, but it is the best one I have used yet! If you love lip scrubs, always wanted to try them or never found one that is actually good, this is the one to get.

Purchased at Memebox

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Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream review

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Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream (180ml)

“This Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream is formulated with Milk Protein to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized with the pleasant fragrance of tea.
How to use: Apply cream to all areas of the face. Massage thoroughly and wipe clean with cleansing tissues or rinse with warm water to remove excess.”

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
Comes in a plastic box as shown in the promotional photos, writing came off since I have been using this for 8 months
Since I have super dry skin and a slight water phobia, I very much like the idea of cleansing creams.
When I did my online research on cleansing creams I couldn't really find a contender that convinced me 100% since they don't seem to be too popular.
So why did I buy this one?
I confess, the name is cute and so is the jar!

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
Contents of the jar about 3 months into usage, no spatula included
Well, honestly this cleansing cream isn't the bees knees but it isn't bad either.
It cleanses my face without any magical side effects.
Positive or negative.
But I guess if I’m trying to find a cleanser that also makes my hair turn different colors each time I use it, I would search forever.
I hardly ever wear make up so I didn't buy it for the removing powers, but I think it definitely removes it well when I wear some.
It doesn't sting my eyes when I use it to remove my mascara and manages to take it off easily even though it is waterproof.
Unlike Bioderma which simply looks at my mascara and decides that it won’t even bother removing it from my lashes at all.

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
Missha perfect cover BB cream, Stila waterproof liquid eye liner, Essence black eye pencil, Maybelline Waterproof mascara, Tonymoly Lover kiss lip tint, Mac eyeshadow
You can't tell by the photo alone but I applied a super duper thick layer of mascara by accident.
It would probably be about 5 or 6 layers on my lashes.
I never use more then 2 so this cream cleanses my mascara well.
I only use one layer of cleansing cream on my face but since that is how I swatched it I added another layer of cream in the photos to see if it would clean the left over mascara.
Which it indeed did.

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
My hand after being wiped off with a cotton pad after the second cleansing, and a cotton pad with toner to check how well the cream cleansed
It also doesn't aggravate my eczema and when I don't have any it doesn't make it come back either.

The Texture is smooth and creamy which makes the massaging easy, but when I wipe it off the cleanser does not leave my skin specifically soft.

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
Creamy cream
But in my case neither do most moisturizers.
I take it off with a cotton pad and then use a cleansing water afterwards.
So it is not necessary to wash this cream off with water.

It neither provides nor strips my skin of moisture, so that is definitely a plus.
But if your skin isn't as dry as mine, this might be a nice and hydrating cleansing process.

It doesn't smell like Milk Tea to me, more like a Powdery vintagey scent.
I am quite sensitive to scents (ha!) and this one isn't super strong and doesn't linger at all.

I have been using it once a day for 8 months now and still have a quarter of the jar left.
It is definitely cheap and lasts for a long time!

It is a solid product, but I believe there is probably nicer cleansing creams waiting to be tried in the world.

Ph: 5

Ingredients: Here       

1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh 4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Purchased on Ebay
Available at Koreadepart

Woeful Windsday

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Sleeping by Day (2004) by Ray Caesar

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review

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Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner (2g)
100% new retail and high quality.
Perfect to create charming and sexy eye looks.
Meticulous brush head copy you to draw much easier than control
Easy to use,suitable for professional use and home use.

I am a huge fan of black eyeliner.
Always have been, but back in the day I never used them at all.
I just stuck to pencils.
Instead I decided to forgo the super slick look a black liquid eyeliner gave you in exchange of the smudgier and easier to use pencil counterpart.
There was really only one reason for that: Old school liquid liners are a pain to use!

I love vintage cosmetics, but if Mascara would still look like that I would not use it either!
I have a very steady hand thanks to years of drawing practice and art school, but still trying to make a nice straight line with those flimsy thin brushes is not something I considered easy or fun.
And don’t get me started on the formulas that flake or smudge after just looking at it the wrong way!
So as always, I decided to be comfy and practical instead of rocking a style I preferred.

It is 2014 and thank goodness the liquid eyeliner game has changed significantly in the past 20 years!
Behold the pen liner!

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review
Just look at that beautiful tip!
I know, I know, it isn’t really fresh news.
So what, I want to hail this wondrous piece of technology a few years late.
It is not like I am ever on time at the game anyway.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review
So adorable!
If you are one of those people that lives under a rock like me, or in a cave (I don’t judge!), and you haven’t tried a pen liner yet, I highly recommend it!
It makes using eyeliners a breeze and they even come in a large variation of colors.

Black, Grey, and Purple. I couldn't find my brown or Turquoise liner
A little while ago I decided to pick this adorable cat shaped pen liner up from Bornpretty store, and it has become my go to eyeliner since!
It is super black and incredibly easy to use.
The tip is quite hard so it is easy to draw a thin line.
It is flexible enough to make a thicker line when pushed down a little as well, though.
The color flows smoothly and freely and there is no tugging or overflow at all.
The product is water and smudge proof, if you let it dry first, if you rub over it before it is dry it will smudge.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner swatch
Freshly applied, smudged when still moist, water poured over it after dried
It doesn’t smudge or fade on the eyes at all, at least not on my non oily lids.
I have worn it an entire day while it stayed fresh at the end like just applied.
Most importantly it doesn’t flake either!
I even gave up using black eyeliner for a few years since I couldn’t find an affordable brush liner that doesn’t flake.

Landbis Hyper Sharp Intense Black Liner review

This liner is a great cheap quality product that performs its job perfectly.
Now they just need to make a lot more colors so I can get one in all the shades of the rainbow and form a bad ass kitty posse of awesome!

Ingredients: Here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available at Bornprettystore

Zombie CC cream, Landbis Eyeliner, Peripera Cushion tint in Secret trip

Here is a 10% off coupon.
Thank you Bornpretty store!

Disclaimer: This product was send to me by Bornprettystore. This does not alter my opinions and I will continue to review with all honesty. I receive no compensation for the reviews. For more information read my Disclaimer page.