A very different Woeful Windsday

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johnny clyde strangles moi sanom
"I like my woman like I like my food. Dead." Johnny Clyde
For our two year anniversary my husband and I went to Cirque Bizarre 3
I didnt tell him what we were going to do. All I said is dress up fancy, get your craziest ideas out and really go for it. Make up included of course.

Johnny Clyde-Moi Sanom-Cirque Bizarre 3
Photography by Jörg Merlin Noack
The result:
He is wearing an original Edwardian tail coat with very Lestat inspired hair.

Lestat-hair-johnny clyde-style
Lestat hair, Velvet vintage ribbon included
I decided to premiere my 1890s ish original skirt. It is the loveliest sheer fabric with tiny polka dots and a place for a bustle. Unfortunately I dont have a bustle so I wore it with a train.
The shirt is historically inaccurate of course, its my moms 80s body actually. But Johnny requested it, so I obliged. I thought the looks were very Munsters style but you be the judge of that.

Mmmhh tasty hair!
 We are not the drinking partying type folks, but I love dancing and there can never be enough occasions to dress up!
I wasnt sure what to expect from this event.
 My worst fears were that it would be a typical club type party full of sweaty bodies, no moving space and with music so loud one cant hear your own thoughts.
Fortunately both my husband and I were positively surprised.

That Bird mask is just amazing!
The place was quite full of very creatively dressed up people all in a wonderful dark circus themed style. My favorite must have been someone dressed as a tree! It even had a plush monkey sitting on the top :)
The monkey!
95% of the people were dressed up. So much in fact that both my husband and I felt practically under dressed! I wasn't sure what to expect so I decided to go with a more “normal” ensemble. But if we ever decide to go to such an event again I will definitely have to go all out with circus clothes and all!
Unfortunately we had some transportation time hick ups and missed the band, but it was still very enjoyable.

Transportation hick ups and Vintage coat of unknown age
We had quite a good time, looking at all the wonderful costumes, catching some impromptu violin sessions and enjoying the performances.
I think that we will try to join more of these event in the future. There is still  Bohème Sauvage balls I would love to attend!
Have any of you ever gone to costume events? If so how did you like it and what did you wear?

And with this Johnny Clyde and I wish you a very Woeful Windsday!

Possible the crappiest creepiest GIF ever!