Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen First trial kit

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My skin has been majorly dehydrated lately since I have had some bad experiences with 2 products which broke me out. (review coming soon)
My skin is more or less back to normal now, and in a desperate attempt to give it some hydration I decided to start this kit.
Honestly I simply love trial kits so I bought this one even though I wasn’t a fan of the regular Moistfull Collagen line. I guess you would call that a slight addiction to trial kits... I am looking at you drawer full of tiny jars and potions!

I dont know what the sign says but in my head it says "More trial kits please"

moistfull super collagen trial kit
Don't know what it says but according to the pictures Scientists put happy droplets from tree leaves into these jars!

The kit comes in a little box with an adorable flip top that reveals the product sitting in a plastic case. To me it looks like a little shop or a puppet theater :)

Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence 25 ml

“First resilience essence in your life!
90% of Super Collagen™ hydrolyzed in uniform size to soak into any area of the skin and give it strength and resilience.
Jelly-type essence gets under the skin for suppleness.
Prevents skin desertification with baobab extract.
24-hour moisturization certified.”

How to use
Release a moderate amount on the palm, spread from inside out. Pat the residue to absorb. 

moistfull super collagen ampoule essence swatch
Droopy droop droop

The essence is a thickish watery type essence, not slimy at all but it definitely has some body to it. When applied it felt very wet in a super comforting way, it's super refreshing to my parched skin and I believe it would give quite a bit of moisture to less fickle skin types then mine.It absorbs quite fast and leaves skin ready for more.

moistfull super collagen cream swatch
left: thick layer, right: spread out

Moistfull Super Collagen Cream 10 ml

 “63% of Super Collagen™ hydrolyzed in uniform size to soak into any area of the skin and give it strength and resilience.
Prevents skin desertification with baobab extract.
24-hour moisturization certified.”

How to use:
“In the last stage of skin care, use enclosed spatula to dispense 100-won coin-sized amount to massage from inside outwards to absorb.”

The collagen cream is absolutely adorable, it looks like white toffee pudding!
the texture is super blobby and springs back to an untouched state after a few minutes.

*poke poke poke*
moistfull super collagen cream gif
 see magic!

The cream is also quite wet and moisturizing. It makes my face feel a teeny bit bouncy (not like a mochi not even close, it is my goal to achieve that though) but doesn’t take away my rough spots. But really my face is as dry as a salted slug so nothing takes away my rough spots...

The line smells like the regular collagen line, sort of mildly floral and fresh I guess...

moistfull super collagen cc cream no 2 light beige swatch
Shade No 2 Light beige

 Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream SPF33/PA++ 5gr

3in1: Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + Sunblock.
Double Firming Care: Anti Micro Wrinkles + Improving Skin Elasticity. 
Containing Super Collagen™ 30%. Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic. 
Micro-collagen particles are different with large generic collagen particles. Micro-collagen particles are excellently absorbed into skin. 
Containing Super collagen 30%, Niacin amide, Adenosine, Baobab tree extract:  Lasting 24 hours moisturizing.

How To use:
After basic skin care, apply gently while tapping for absorption 

The CC cream is a medium to light beige color with maybe pink or neutral under tones. It has a higher coverage then other CC creams I have tried and is very liquidy. It is quite moisturizing for a CC cream but still sticks to my dry spots. ( But hey maybe I'm paranoid? )

moistfull super collagen cc cream no 2 light beige
 Barely visible dry spots around my mouth

But hey even moisturizers stick to my dry spots, so its not something I can be complaining about. It slightly covers your pores and evens out your skin tone, but blemishes that stick out will still be visible. Hardly any concealer can hide those suckers


I actually quite like the CC cream, it matches my skin tone well, makes me look brighter and fresher and the dry spots are really hardly noticeable. It lasted quite long on my face without change, but I have no oils to make the CC cream wander around my face anyways. After 6 hours I took it off looking as fresh as when it was applied.

moistfull super collagen cc cream no 2 light beige
Left without CC cream, right with CC cream
You can tell I am wearing the CC cream since my eye area looks darker in pic 2 and I have not applied it there.

I can not vouch for its firming action since I don’t have any wrinkles, but all in all I think this is quite a solid line, definitely better then the original one!
I think normal to dry skin types might really like this.
I did read somewhere that Collagen particles are too large to enter your skin and perform their magic on our faces, so if you are on the market for some kind of miracle plumping effect I might have to crush your dreams.
I will try this line on my mom in a month or so though and report back if any miracles happened...

PH Essence: 5
PH Cream: 6.5
PH CC Cream: difficult to tell because of the tint but I think between 6-7

Ampoule Essence
Collagen cream
CC Cream here


Oohh for the Essence and Cream since they are good products but not really suitable for my skin. Awwwyeah for the CC cream since it matches my skin tone and looks nice.
1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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