Etude House Mini Tint in Burgundy Pop Review

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Etude House Color Pop shiny tint mini in Burgundy pop P12 (2g)

3 in 1 magic tint that is light as tint, moisturized as gloss and vivid as lipstick.
 Remains gorgeous lips with excellent long lasting power for hours.
Spreads onto lips smoothly and creates moisturized and flexible lips without stickiness

[How to use]
Apply moderate amount to lips with a tip.
Re - apply to the center of lips like tapping lightly for more volume on lips.
shade selection

I am completely obsessed with anything Burgundy or Wine red. There is something about that bloody red that I find incredibly appealing. I remember it to be my favorite color when I was very little, and since it is out of fashion in clothing most of the time, I hoard clothes in Burgundy like crazy every time I find them.

At the moment I am on a mission to find the perfect lip product in Wine red. And since I practically stopped using Lipsticks, due to the discovery of the life changing and amazing Korean Lip tints, I extended the search to include the aforementioned products.
Besides the fact that Koreans have a thing for Vampire themed skincare, there is not a huge abundance of blood colored Lip products around.
note the bites!
 My natural lip color is quite dark and the Korean Lip trend is mostly soft and natural lips, so finding a tint that is strong enough is quite hard.
Etude House Mini Tint in Burgundy Pop p12

 Here we have an adorable little addition to the Burgundy lip tint family, Color Pop Mini in P12.
It really is the teeniest tiniest of Bottles and Oh so adorable! It is really a great way of trying lots of new colors! I would call this a sample, and prefer the tiny bottle samples much more then the ones in a sachet. It comes with a doe foot applicator which seems normal sized.

It is quite moisturizing, even for my parched Lips. It goes on very smooth, does not accentuate dry patches and feels very balmy and almost soothing.
There is a definitely sheen to it but when the glossy part wears off there is a noticable stain left.
I quite love the texture to be honest! And I am very picky with what I put on my lips!

Etude House Mini Tint in Burgundy Pop p12 swatch
left: one swipe Burgundy Pop tint , right: blended Burgundy pop tint
The smell is fruity, almost peachy but not noticeable on lips.
The color is difficult to describe, I would go for congealed Blood!
It is layer-able but not more then 3 layers, after that there is simply too much product on your lips and it doesn't get any darker. The color is very beautiful but I was hoping for something closer to the advertised one. It is more on the brown side and lighter then expected.

Etude House Mini Tint in Burgundy Pop p12 lip swatch
Up: 1 layer, 2 layers
Bottom: 3 layers, Stain

The gloss wear time is about 2 hours, and the stain lasts very long. As soon as the glossy part wears of I regularly apply lip balm onto my lips and the stain stays put while fading beautifully for maybe 5-6 hours.  
I do find the formula to be quite fantastic!

I couldnt find any, but please let me know if you know where to find them

Oohh for the color since it is nice but not what I expected and Awwyeah for the fantastic formula

1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh 
4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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