Three Benton Essence and Steam cream testimonials

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Full size Benton Snail Essence and Snail Essence and Steam Cream samples
Full size Benton Snail Essence and Snail Essence and Steam Cream samples
Instead of reviewing these 2 products thoroughly, since there is many many out there already (I recommend this one by Kerry) I will just tell you about 3 different experiences.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence Box
Mois story:
I actually bought this since I wanted to try snail products and due to my facial eczema I had at the time, I thought it would be perfect to help heal my skin.
When I received the sample, my moms face was in catastrophic shape due to an incompatibility with Misshas MISA Geumsul Rejuvenating Cream.
I decided to give her the samples instead.
I then ordered another sample pack to try on myself.
My eczema was gone by that time but left me with teeny tiny bumps around my eyes, the combination of the Benton essence and the steam cream made them disappear within 2 weeks.

No more bumps!
I went on to buy the fulls size Essence and it has helped me keep my skin in check and heal random eczema bouts in a jiffy.

Mothers face for future references
 Mothers story:
After the Missha disaster she started using the Essence and Steam cream samples and her skin improved visibly within 4 days!
And she ended buying the full sized products of course.
Her skin is normal but dehydrated due to age, she has few wrinkles for a 50 year old, and an uneven skin texture due to adult acne. Her concerns are mainly acne care and hydration. Benton definitely provided for the first but it's unfortunately not hydrating enough.

Mother says:”I received some samples from my daughter and she recommended to start layering skin products. I have to say I never liked any kind of serum or extra skin products then the basics.
I started using Benton Snail Bee High content essence and Snail Bee steam cream.
In about 10 days my skin looked much more even and bright.
Yeahhhhh I felt like 40! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
( I know this might only be in my head) but it makes me feel that way.
But my aim is to feel like 30 now  。^‿^。
Inside I feel like a kid and I wish my skin would match how I feel.
I definitively will continue with these Benton products but will look for a much more moisturizing cream to add since the Steam cream doesn't provide enough moisture to my skin.”

Johnny Clydes story:
My husbands skin is weird. It isn't really dry or sensitive, it is quite normal and easy to handle actually. But sometimes it acts up in all kind of strange ways.
Like when it got a bad reaction to Tony Moly Tomatox mask of tiny red bumps all over his face. He started applying the Benton Essence and Steam cream and his skin went back to normal within 3 days.
In his own words:  “It was as if thousands of tiny snails crawled over my face and with their tiny magic wands made soothing phenomenons of wonder.”

not so tiny snails working magic
So to me this is pretty solid stuff, specially for those days that my skin is being ueber sensitive and reactive to air and things.
The rest of the gang seems to agree since they keep calling it miracle stuff

Benton Snail Bee high Content Essence
Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

Benton Snail Bee high Content Essence 5.5-6
Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream 5.5-6

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