Adam beauty revealed and reviewed

8:07 PM Moi Sanom 1 Comments

As far as I know, there is three online stores where you can get Japanese skin care, one of them is not available for people living outside of the US, and the other one is Adambeauty.
This is my second purchase from Adambeauty.
Last time I ordered 4 items per EMS and this time I ordered 2 items per regular mail.

I ordered on the 20.4. and shipping is a flat rate of 2.50$ for regular snail mail, which arrived on Saturday the 3rd of May. That is just over 2 weeks shipping which is totally reasonable for the price.

I received the order inside an envelope and everything was bubble wrapped once.
Not the most thorough or secure packaging techniques but nothing broke or leaked.

Claude and Claudine are trying to get on there but they did not succeed...
I did not receive any samples this time, even though I received two last time I ordered.
I don’t know if they only sporadically give them out, or if I did not reach the minimum required purchase, but to be honest I am not really happy when I don’t get samples.

I did get a promotional pen, but unless the ink is made out of serum I don’t really get the point.

The Sana moisturizer was double wrapped
I ordered one of my favorite products ever, the Biore Moist ex Lotion and a cute little moisturizer by Sana called Hiaruronsan Moisture Gel.

All that being said, Adambeautys website is a little confusing and things are difficult to find. The prices are good though and shipping is super cheap.
So unless a new store will pop up to cater to my Japanese beauty needs I will continue to purchase from Adambeauty.

I appreciate the pen but if they would give samples consistently I would give them a better score.
1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah  6. Wooha

Do you guys know of any other good online shop to get your Japanese beauty fix?
Which items would you like to see reviewed first?