Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Gangster Squad
directed by Ruben Fleischer
starring: Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, Sean Penn 

Johnny Clyde is reviewing today's selection, enjoy the crappiest film of 2013!

Gangster Squad is a movie. Gangster Squad is a movie that has actors in it, and was shot using a camera, and there is dialogue and stunts.
That is literally the best thing I can say about Gangster Squad.
My wife and I decided to call it Gangster Squid and give most of the actors appropriate fish names for no reason, which is not even really funny, but I will continue to call it Gangster Squid anyways.

Ryan Moss-ling and Josh Blowfish-lin
Sean Finn
Anyways, this movie is just garbage.
I love Ryan Gosling much more than the next guy, but even his acting was just awful.
Sean Penn moped around like he was doing a bad Little Nicky impression....Just...everyone.
All around, great job at doing terrible everyone.
The dialogue was a complete joke.
The story is ridiculously predictable.

Yeah, boredom!
 The fire is always white (I don't really care I just can't think of more things to complain about.) ummm, pretty sure it made my popcorn taste bad.
Gangster Squid almost ruined my marriage (it didn't) and I stepped on a bug on my way back to the car.
You decide.
Also, Sean Penn claims to be Santa Clause, which is clearly a lie.
Because Santa doesn't usually try to murder people, he lets his toys do the dirty work.

"Here comes Santa Clause"