LJH Tree Tree 90 Essence review

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LJH Tree Tree 90 Essence (20ml)

The organic tea tree oil made from 90% tea tree extract subdues acne, heals troubled areas, and brightens the overall skin tone. Key ingredients include sea buckthorn and centella asiatica, known to delay skin aging process and speed the recovery of damaged tissue.
How to use: After cleansing, lightly massage two drops on your face. Apply more drops on troubled areas.

LJH Tree Tree 90 Essence review
The tea tree essence comes in a carton box

I received this Essence in the Memebox Lucky box 2.
Memebox is a Korean beauty box, which delivers various types of different boxes that can be purchased individually when released.

I usually don’t have problems with spots but when I received this box my husband and I were still fighting the break out we got after using a certain product.
So I thought since our skin can’t really get any worse we might as well give this essence a try.

LJH Tree Tree 90 Essence review
The bottle was wrapped in plastic, which I took off at this point
This stuff is good!
I have dry skin and have huge problems finding anything that I can use against spots without drying my skin out even more.
The consistency is very liquid and sinks in very fast.
It is practically odorless and one drop is enough to cover my whole face!

LJH Teatree 90 essence gif
Very watery
This essence not only helped me get over that last hurdle and heal my spots faster, it also finally kept new ones from coming!

My husbands skin is normal but leans on the sensitive side, this essence works great for him as well! No irritation!
Not only did it normalize his skin after the product incident, but it has since kept his skin practically clear!

After 3 weeks I have stopped using the essence since I have no more spots.
But my husband is still using it and his skin is looking great.

Now we just have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation to fight with!

LJH Tree Tree 90 Essence review
Left: After the break out;   Right: 2 weeks after using the Tea Tree essence
Yey PIH our best friend!
So stay tuned on how we deal with those little buggers and what miracle products we found to make our besties PIH disappear.

Ingredients: here
PH: 6

Rating: I am torn between 5 and 6. I would give it a six but the essence promises to moisturize and whiten and I didn’t see any of those claims come true. It is excellent at keeping spots at bay though, so 5.5 it shall be! 
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Available at Koreadepart
Purchased from Memebox

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