Etude House A to Z Mask Sheet No.Hyaluronic Acid review

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Etude House I need you A to Z Mask Sheet No.Hyaluronic Acid (20ml)

26 types of facial masks  that treat all your skincare concerns with an array of  ingredients by alphabet  A-Z
• 26 types of mask sheet (+ one limited edition)
Mix and match these mask sheets to take care of your skin concerns, such as, dryness, lacking of elasticity, dullness
*How about a gift of all the alphabets in your loved one’s name?!
• Face and environment friendly sheet
Sheets made of Alphacon, corn fiber and natural pulp cover your skin perfectly and discompose naturally when buried for the environment
  • Richly Moisturizing
  • Highly hydrating and keeping skin moist

Now some of you might be going, Sheet mask....what is Sheet mask?
Is that a new breed of household wallaby?
No its a beauty item, duh!
Just kidding it is totally a new breed of wallaby.
If wallabies would be little face shaped sheets of cotton, soaked in an incredible amount of skin care goodness!
Illustration by Misschlei
Honestly I dont know how long sheet masks have been around, but the first time I read about them, they seemed so obscure and strange I had to try them out immediately.

So as mentioned above they are usually made out of some kind of cotton or soft fiber and are soaked with essence or serum.
There is a million and one types out there. Almost every Asian skin care brand has them and I have even seem them in some European drugstores by now.
Some people use them every once in a while, and some use them every other day.
It is really personal preference.
I am not a huge sheet mask fan, since I prefer sleeping packs or wash of masks, also I never seem to have enough so I always save them for special occasions, which never happen.

I love the tiny How to Illustration on the back!
Today I am reviewing one of Etude Houses A - Z masks.
They are super cheap and so pretty to look at.
I chose Hyaluronic acid because my face is super dry and when I tried this out, my face was going through one of those periods of drought that leads to severe itchiness.

The mask is super duper moist!
It drips a teeny tiny bit, but mostly down your throat so you can just smear it around your neck. (That sounds so attracting!)
It is made out of very nice soft quality material, and was neither a horrible fit nor a bad fit.
But I don't even know if there is sheet masks out there that fit someones face perfectly, so I guess the fit was just fine.

I recommend running around crowded areas while wearing it :)
I left it on for about 45 minutes. It was still slightly moist by that time but I just got bored of sitting still.
I am really impressed how soaked this mask was though!
When I was done I emptied the little baggy and there was enough essence in there that my husband could cover his face with it. (When I gave it to him he shouted "What are these, your leftovers?!")

As for effectiveness, it was suppose to hydrated and that it did.
It was refreshing and very mild smelling.
I didn't get any reactions from it or any new eczema, just moisture.
It stopped my face from itching for the next 2 days which is pretty fantastic!

Before the sheet mask left, right: plump and hydrated skin afterwards!
I would definitely recommend these to anyone.
It isn’t a miracle product but very nice, specially considering the price!

Ph: 5
Ingredients: here

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