Woeful Windsday

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Franz Reichelt
Today I tell you the story of a man with a dream to fly and an obsession to create a safer environment for aviators.
We are talking about Franz Reichelt, a tailor, inventor and parachuting pioneer.

Sometimes people get so entangled in their passions and obsession that they are willing to go to all kinds of extreme measures to achieve their goals.
I admire these kinds of people, because without them there wouldn’t be so much progress in this world.
At the same time they frighten me, since I am an obsessive kind of person and can get carried away with things easily.

Thank goodness I am only obsessed with building a working time machine, and that seems to have a low dying risk at the moment.

Le Petit Parisien February 5th 1912
One day Reichelt decided to try his parachute invention by jumping of the Eiffel Tower in 1912.
The video below is of this event
The footage might be disturbing for some, so proceed with caution!

 My husband who has a never ending appetite for the macabre got inspired by this story and made a song of what he imagined Reichelts life was like.
Starting from the point of crafting the parachute to his untimely death.
The song is quite beautiful, dreamy and slightly haunting, not a song you would expect considering the source of inspiration.